About Deb

I have been researching my family history for over twelve years as a serious passion. I've always been greatly intrigued with my ancestry, particularly after my mother hired a professional genealogist in the UK to trace her parents family tree.

As a child, I loved hearing family stories from both of my grandmothers (I was usually the only captive audience of the family) and this really was the catalyst for my lifelong interest in family history.

I have long had an obsession with reading biographies and memoirs as well as historical fiction and ghost stories. I also love reading non-fiction books about social history, world war history and local history. Through my love of reading over the years, I have developed a keen interest in writing my own novels, short stories and memoirs.

In 2004 I wrote my first family history book for my mother, aunt and uncles as a Christmas present. They were so enthralled with it, I couldn't stop there and I have since written them a second edition (2012). I am planning on releasing a third edition in the near future, as a family history eBook via Amazon

If you are related to any of my family lines, please feel free to contact me.


My debut novella Symphony of War is available to download via the Amazon website. If you do not have a Kindle, that is fine. You don't need one as there is a Kindle Reading App that you can download for free on to whichever device you use (e.g. iPhone, iPad, PC). Please follow the link below:




  1. Hi Deb,
    I just love this new design, well done!

    I know that you struggle with your self-confidence and you hide your issues very well, but really, your writing is fantastic, so informative and so enjoyable to read.

    Keep up the good work cous!

    Love Angie x x x

    1. Thank you so much Angie, your comments mean a lot to me. I'm glad you like the new design/renovation. xxx

  2. I love your blog Deb.I too am interested in the various stories that pop up in my family history studies. I have recently found a connection to the Jolly line, and would love to learn more from you, if it is in fact connected.
    Keep up the good work!
    Steve Wroe
    Gold Coast, Australia

  3. The Bowes history together with Penny Spot Farm is very nostalgic for my father-in-law who is now 92 . As a lad he would visit the farm with his father who was a chauffer in London. Names have become vague but he thought there was a Ted, Will and Jack there. He had a friend there called Fox who was of a similar age but he is unsure of his christian name . My father in law is Dennis Thurston. ronnew49@yahoo.co.uk

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